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Crizzly’s Remix of Thrift Shop by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Thrift Shop, you heard of it? I know you have. Its this year's unlikely chart topper, hitting #1 on Billboard a few weeks back and still holding the #1 or #2 position depending on what chart you look at. Also, their newer song, "Can't Hold Us", is flying up the charts and is currently also holding a #1 or #2 position depending on the chart you are looking at. Anyhow, Lets talk Crizzly, if you dont know, its time to know him. He is an amazing artist and this remix is good. There is a saying "Crizzly fixed it", this song didn't really need fixing (aside from the over exposure), but this remix is good and will breath a bit of life back into the song for any DJ that is completely sick of it. One question, where is the music video version!? That would be cool.

If you click to soundcloud and click download, itll take you to Crizzly's fb page for a free download (or just click that link).

Thrift Shop (Crizzly Remix)

Thrift Shop (Crizzly Remix)


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