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DMC US Finals Battle Roundup

If you are a DJ and you were in the NYC area, then this past weekend was for you. 2 huge DJ battles happened back to back: The DMC US Finals on Saturday (Aug 3rd), and Roc Raida's Gong Battle on Sunday (Aug 4th). These battles were super dope and the talent that came out was top notch. Both had their elements of stress and controversy, but thats is what DJ battles are all about. So, lets take a look at what happened at both events! (Update, there is too much for 1 article, so come back tomorrow to hear all the drama from the Gong Battle) Click through to read it all and to see the pictures.

DMC US Finals Stage

DMC US Finals Stage

First, if you want to read a play-by-play on what happened at the DMC US Finals, please check out this blog: AMOBA, We will just touch on the highlights here.

The DMC, if you don't know, has been having regional finals all over the US all year, since early May, and is ramping up to last saturday's USA DMC Finals. There were a total of 13 competitors. Each DJ had one 6 minute routine to prove that he was the Best DJ to represent the US in the world Finals. In no particular order, these are the DJs that competed: DJ Esquire (Brooklyn NY), DJ Etronik (Los Angeles CA), DJ Traps (San Jose CA), SpareChange (Dayton OH), DJ As-One (Washington DC), El Abstrackto (Miami FL), DJ Les (Phoenix AZ), DJ OHM (Albuquerque NM), The Beat Molester (Seattle WA), DJ Chuck Flava (Chico CA), DJ Concept (Cape Coral FL), DJ FlipFlop (Portland, OR), and DJ Ease (Rochester NY). That is one hell of a roster.

The judges were the infamous DJ Cheese, the first DJ that scratched and juggled at a DMC championship. He literally changed the game. Also, there was DJ Shiftee, DJ Jazzy Joyce, DJ Slyce, DJ Perseus, Snayk Eyez, Billy Jam, Roli Rho, and DJ Izoh. Again, one hell of a roster.

Needless to say that this was a great battle that was difficult to judge and also the nerves/reputations of the DJs were on the line. In fact, the overall level of the competitors this year was said to be possibly the highest ever. So the judges had their jobs cut out for them. The competition started wit hDJ Les, who set the bar high, and was finished with DJ As-One. The order was picked by drawing numbers out of a hat, so there was no special treatment for a good spot. About 4 DJs in, DJ OHM did his thing on the turntables, then turned to the crowed, got the Mic and proposed to his now Fiancee. He won for life.

The true winner of the DMC World Finals was DJ Esquire from Brooklyn NYC. He was definitely the local favorite, many people in the audience were cheering him on even before he started.  He had a killer routine. But so did DJ SpareChange who pulled off 2nd place, DJ Ease who placed 3rd and DJ Traps placed 4th. Prizes were given to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners, and only the 1st place winner, DJ Esquire, will be going to represent the US in the World Finals.

There was one more surprise announced that day. The current 2012 DMC Champ, DJ Izoh (Japan), decided to step down and not defend his title to give DJ Precision, the World runner up last year, a chance at the title this year. So, there will be 2 DJs representing the US, both from NYC. This is also the 30th year anniversary of the DMC and the 40th year anniversary of Hip-hop. So its a big year to win.

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