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International DJ EASE, the 2013 Roc Raida Gong Battle Champion (with video)

After a grueling/stressful Gong battle, International DJ Ease came through with the win. There were unwanted rematches, broken turntables, screaming matches, hurt feeling... You know, all the stuff that you should expect from a grudge match like The Gong Battle. The audience is encouraged to boo and if the judges don't like it, they will literally Gong you out. And that damn gong is super loud. We will get into the details after the jump, but first, let me say DJ Ease ruled the competition. Below is one part of the 7 routines he had to master in-order to win. This is the R.I.P. Routine. More info about the competition after the jump...

After watching that routine, its not a big surprise that DJ Ease pulled out the W, but it was not without much drama in the finals. We will get to that in a minute. Lets first talk about the other battles leading up to the finals. First, each DJ needs to have 7 total routines ready to finish the finals, one 60 second battle and six 90 second routines. There is an elimination round where all 17 competitors do the 60 second routine to get to the top 8, where they then battle head to head, one round, 90 second routines. Then the 4 competitors left, battle head to head (2 vs 2) for 2 rounds, 90 second routines. Then the finals where the top 2 DJs battle for 3 rounds, head to head, 90 second rounds each. Now that we know the rules, lets talk drama!

BUT FIRST, the showcases were amazing!!!! Showcasing was Immortal Technique, The X-Men: Total Eclipse, Precision, Mista Sinista (was so good), and Roc Raida's daughter. Also DJ DP One, DJ Shiftee, and the current World DMC Champ: DJ Izoh (japan). The showcases were so good, it would have been worth your money just to see this. Thats 7 or 8 amazing acts all in one spot. The DMC usually has no more than 2 showcases, this gong battle was a treat. Now, how about a little drama...

The first, and maybe one of the biggest drama of the day was DJ Etronix vs DJ Fascinate. Apparently this ware some old grudge match. So the battle happened and and Etronix won the battle, with little question. During the battle, Dj Fat Fingers (the host) had to reach over and turn up Fascinate's master cue, which should not be a big deal, but Fascinate's routine was not very clean. Also, when Fat Fingers said 30 seconds while Etronix was playing, Etronix heard 10 seconds and finished early. They let him play the 30 seconds and he killed it. So there was a bit of an issue on both sides, but Etronix won. Christy Z, the main promoter, called for a re-match. On the re-match (they played the same routine) Fascinate's routine was perfectly clean and was very mean (in a good way). Etronix performed the same routine and it was just as clean as the first time and he lost! Apparently no one, not even Fascinate wanted the re-match but Christy Z insisted. There was a big uproar from the crowd, especially from one guy in the audiance (that will remain un-named at the time). He got so mad, he was yelling at Fat Fingers from the front of the stage all the way to the Exit. Needless to say, Etronix walked out feeling robbed, and robbed he was. Fascinate was advanced to the next semi-final round vs Dj Ease.

The next small drama was in the Semi-finals DJ As-One (from Maryland/DC) vs DJ Supreme (NYC). Supreme is a very old school battle DJ, and he is amazing. As-One is the returning champion and is a great representation of the new school battle DJ. Supreme was juggling beats while literally juggling records (like flare bar tending). As-One's set was so different than Supreme's its was a very tough call and Supreme pulled the win on that battle. People didn't know how to take it, but it is what it is.

So, it then came down to DJ Ease vs DJ Supreme. You know the outcome, but you don't know what happened. This is a three round battle, 90 seconds each. For the first two rounds, it was very close. Ease wend first, the Supreme, and so on. With Supreme's old school skills cutting through to the judges senses, it was not and easy battle for Ease. However, looking at his stage presence, Ease was cool as a cucumber. Then the third round happened and it was Ease's turn. About half way through, you could tell there was a problem, but he recovered like a champ and finished his routine excellently. Supreme was last to go, which is usually the best position in battles like this. But Supreme had a problem near the beginning of the routine, and recovery was not in his future. He tried to move on, but he was too far gone, and the records had failed him. He started getting boo'd and thats when it really got bad, DJ Cheese (judge) strolled out and Gonged Supreme off the stage! Supreme was so mad/upset, he intentionally broke the turntable's tone-arm. Very unsportsmanlike, but its an intense battle. This act also stripped him of any 2nd place prizes, but needles to say, DJ Ease was the winner. Even if they both had perfect routines, Ease still would have pulled out the win. And the win was sweet, Ease got the first and second place prizes, also a very special prize; DJ Grand Master Roc Raida's personal Vestax 05 Pro DJ mixer, the same he used every day. Check the pics below.

Below is his victory speech and some other pics from the battle.

And pics:

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