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Redbull Thre3Style DJ Battle 2013 Wrap-up and winners

In November, in Toronto Canada, for an entire week, Redbull brought out the best DJs from all over the world to compete for the world championship called The Redbull Thre3Style. For those of you that don't know, its a 15 minute DJ battle where the DJs must play at least three different genres of music, thats about the only limitation, the rest is up to the DJ to rock the crowd as hard as they can! So, lets go through a brief day-by-day, then we will get to the world finals and champions, all after the jump...

Redbull Three Style

Redbull Three Style

First, lets remember what these DJs had to do to get here. Not only did they have to prepare more than 1 15 minute set (and that takes a long time), they had to compete in a Regional battle, then on to the National battle, then to Toronto for the world qualifying battle, and finally compete in the world finals. Thats at least 4 battles to win it all. The US even had a local qualifying round before the regionals, so for Trentino, it was 5 battles (not sure if the other countries had that).

DAY 1:
Day 1, I hear was great and the competition was tough. Competing was DJ Ray Ray from Taiwan, DJ Byte from Chile, DJ Twist from Azerbaijan, and Lukas Canaves from Argentina. Also Kid Koala and DJ Shortcut were the special guest DJs. Was a tough night of competition, but DJ Byte took the win for Chile. Here are all thier sets and you can judge for yourself:


DAY 2:
Its wednesday night and the line to get in the club was massive. Day 2's DJs include our good friend DJ Eskei83 from Germany, DJ Shintaro from Japan, Oli D0b0lli from Croatia, and DJ Undoo from Romania. Also, special guest performances from DJ Jazzy Jeff vs Scratch Bastid. Also the 2011 and 2012 RB3style champs, DJ Headspin vs DJ Four Color Zack. And our boy, DJ Eskei83 pulled a serious win and his set was talked about all week long after this epic performance. Take a listen:



Day 3:
The competition was really getting heated and this night moved to the Hoxton, Toronto's Electro club. The competing DJs were DJ Inferno from Jamaica, DJ Acorn from South Korea, Adam Doubleyou from Canada, and Trentino from the USA. Special performances by Smalltown DJs, Torro Torro, and at the end a massive set by DJ A-Trak who stole the show. This was a hard one to judge. All the DJs were great but Trentino from the USA edged out and won the night! A honorable mention needs to go out to Adam Doubleyou. He was amazing and it must have been very hard for the judges to decide this one...

Day 4:
The final qualifying day... at a big venue, the Danforth Music hall. The DJs were Marquinhos Espinosa from Brazil, DJ Bazooka from Switzerland, DJ Lease from Spain, DJ Vicky from Albania, and DJ Madfingaz from Belgium. Special performances from Cosmo Baker, who brought out Craig Nice for an amazing dose of much needed hip-hop flavor. Also, Maseo from De La Soul and Ali Shaheed Mohammad from A Tribe Called Quest. They too had a special guest Posdnuos, the rapper from De La! It was a great show. Before revealing the winner, it needs to be mentioned that Bazooka's set was destroyed by a few mistakes by sound guy, so much so that redbull did not even post his set. Also, DJ Lease needs to be called out for playing a pre-recorded set with a couple live aspects. Playing a pre-recorded set like that is a disgrace to the competition and an insult to all the other DJs that actually put in real hard work and practice. That being said, the winner of that night was Brazil's Marquinhos Espinosa who started out with a little hand drum and finished with a win.

Day 5, The World Finals
Its anyone's game now... So, there are 4 winners, and a wildcard to be announced. The wildcard is a DJ that the judges thought was amazing and needs a second time to shine. Last year Four Color Zack, the 2012 champion, was the wildcard, so you never know. This year, they gave out 2 wildcards... one to DJ Shintaro from Japan, and the other to DJ Bazooka from Switzerland. Shintaro was amazing on Wed night but was bested by Eskei83, and I believe Bazooka got a surprise wildcard because he got so screwed the night before with the bad sound that was totally not his fault. The finalists, including the wildcards were, Shintaro, then DJ Byte from Chile, to Eskei83 from Germany, DJ Bazooka with a great redemption set, then to the piano man Trentino, and finally Marquinhos Espinosa from Brazil. Special performances by Thuglie, Grandtheft, Keys and Krates, A Tribe Called Red, and AuroErotique.

Once the competitors were done, everyone had their favorites and pics for the win. It was a very very difficult call! Watch to see the call:

Now, take a listen to their sets and judge for yourself:

So... who do you think won? Super hard to judge but Shintaro got the win for Japan and is now the current Redbull Thre3Style Chapmion!!!! Its been an amazing week, and the level of DJing was epic! Stay tuned to this posting for most pictures shot by your's truly. In the mean time, hit up redbull's site for more information:

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