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Scratch Live 2.0 full version, now available

The wait is over, no more buggy 2.0 beta. The full Scratch Live 2.0 is now available to download at Scratch Live's Forum page. It is free if you already own the software. Rane put this out early last week and quietly announced it on their site, no e-blast. But that is ok because there is a laundry list of new features. This is the biggest update in years and the upgrade inclused different ways to view your library, smart crates, and the big one; DJ Effects. All of the new features are listed and a video explaining the features after the jump:

Scratch Live 2.0


Scratch Live 2.0 Public Beta: now available

Still waiting for the new Scratch Live 2.0? Well, good news, you can now download the public beta! Its been available for a a little over a week now (but officially announced on February 15th). You all have been waiting for more decks (up to 4), the DJ Effects, the new GUI, new views and so on, and now you can give it a try! (No Support for "The Bridge" yet. 2.1 will have it.)  More info and the download link after the jump...

Serato 2.0, album art view