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Thanksgiving Eve, DJ Color TV and Lazor will be rocking SOLAS

Worried about all those callaries you are about to consume on turkey-day? Well, come to SOLAS on Thanksgiving Eve and burn them on the dance floor. Yours truly, DJ Color TV, and DJ Lazor will be rocking the turntables all night long from 10pm. We'll be playing all your favorite music, from electro to old school to pop to rock, its an eclectic mix that you don't want to miss. Its an party! Click through for directions and more info.

Solas Thanksgiving Eve 2010


Girl Talk’s new Album, get it here (sorta)

This past Monday, Novermber 15th, everyone's favorite non-DJ, Girl Talk, released his 5th album entitled "All Day". You can download it for free. I have been listening to it and its everything you would expect from Girl Talk these days, and its great! Mashups/remixes times 10. One of the best parts of listing to this is that he does many of these mixes live. Some are pre-mixed (obviously), but for the most part, its live. Click through for the download link, more album art, and the track listings.

Girl Talk, Insert-2


The Rent Is Too Damn High, Jimmy McMillan meets Jimmy McMillan (Update)

This Halloween was a bit nuts, as it is almost every year. But this one was special. I dressed up as Jimmy McMillan from "The Rent Is Too Damn High" party. He is running for Governor of NY this electron, November 2nd 2010. I got the pleasure of meeting him in front of my house and he is an interesting character. Check out the video below. Click through for more videos of the real Jimmy McMillan:

Update: Election results are in and Jimmy McMillan got 2615 votes for Governor. Thats 6th place, out of 8 people running. Not too shabby for "The Rent Is Too Damn High" party. That was actually on the ballot too, lol.

The Rent Is Too Damn High, Jimmy McMillan meets Jimmy McMillan, Halloween 2010


DJ LIGONE from France is the new 2010 World DMC Champion (update, VIDEO + more pics)

The DMC this year is now over. It was in London for the last two days and the action was intense. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the DMC, it is a world-wide championship that crowns the best DJs/Turntablists in the world. The winners wins major gear, sponsorships, and get to tour around the world. Past notable winners are DJ Qbert, Mix Master Mike, DJ A Trac, DJ Craze, and most recently in 2009, DJ Shiftee. The US has brought home 12 wold championships, but in the last five years its gone back and forth between the US, Germany (once), and France. This year France took the title back. Click through for all the winners, pic and more. Update, there are now many videos and pictures to check out.

World DMC Final Flyer


Rock the Bells – Show wrap-up (tons of Videos and Pics)

This past Saturday, as you already know from the post before, the 7th annual "Rock The Bells" concert happened. First things first, it was off the hook! The artists were called to do, from cover to cover, one of their classic albums. No one completelly stuck to the format, and some threw it out the window, but overall it was a very special event. These artists never really do their album hits on stage, just the most popular songs. It was quite a treat and all the hip-hop stars were there (either making a cameo on stage or just watching). had VIP passes, so click through for more pics, videos, and complete coverage of the event.

Rock The Bells VIP Pass


This SATURDAY – Rock the Bells concert on Governor’s Island

This is the 7th annual "Rock the Bells" hip-hop festive. This year the lineup is insane! Snoop, Rakin, KRS, Tribe Called Quest, Wu-Tang Clan, and more. The crazy thing is, they are all performing their most famous albums strait through. This will be the best hip-hop show ever! Its Saturday the 28th in NY, and Sunday the 29th in DC. If you live anywhere close to those places, you must go! Click through for the details and locations:


DJ Shiftee for America’s Best DJ 2010 (with videos)

DJ Shiftee, if you don't know about him, then you should. He is the 2007 DMC Battle for World Supremecy champion (2 minute head to head routines, posted below), and the 2009 World DJ Champion (6 minute battle routines, also posted below). He has the gold turntables, and hes got mad skill. This year, he is up for America's best DJ, and I think he has go the skills to earn that title. His 2010 campaign video (parts 1 and 2), party routine, and other videos are all after the jump:

DJ Shiftee for 2010 Best DJ


TODAY! 2010 East Coast DMC Championship @ Santos

It snuck up on me, but the 2010 DMC is today at 4pm! Its at Santos Party House here in NY. Last year NY's own DJ Shiftee won the world wide title. He is sick! This year, he will be judging and doing an expo. Also, this year, NYC Electro's own DJ Shu-T will be competing. There will also be other acts and famous judges there. Click through for the full description and videos:

2010 DMC