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TONIGHT! at Solas NYC, DJ Ease and DJ Color TV

Thats right party people, tonight is dance party time at Solas in NYC's Ease Village. You got up DJs International Ease and DJ Color TV. Its gunna be a live one, so grab your girls and your dancin shoes and lets par-tay!!!!

Solas with DJ Color TV

Solas with DJ Color TV


International Ease and DJ Color TV in Ohio!

If you were in Bowling Green, Ohio and you were at Clazel Nightclub, you were in for a treat this past weekend. International Ease and Dj Color TV, from NYC, came all the way to Ohio to rock this small college town. And rock it, they did! Clazel is right in the heart of downtown BG. Coming from NYC, you never know exactly what to expect, but our good friend DJ Manny, from near by Toledo, booked us and we had a feeling it was going to be good. In fact, the people in BG know how to party! Girls twerking on the stage, champaign showers, hands in the air, you name it, it happened. The weekend isn't over yet, we are on the move to a party island: Put In Bay, OH. We will be DJing along side with DJ Manny tonight at Club "Level 2"! You need to come if you are in the Toledo, OH area. Click through for more photos and info...

Intl Ease and Color TV in Ohio, photo credit: Chance Photography (BG, Ohio)

Intl Ease and Color TV in Ohio, photo credit: Chance Photography (BG, Ohio)


DJ A-Trak: Don’t Push My Buttons (from huff post)

Sometimes there is that content that is so great that it must be re-posted. A-Trak is weighing in on DJs on the big stage that actually DJ their track or Producers that just push play. Personally, I (DJ Color TV) am a real turntable DJ and when I make a remix, I save it out so I can play it live with 2 turntables and my sample player. That is the entire idea behind The HD Project. A-Trak actually DJs his stuff too, obviously, so keep reading to see what he says. Its very interesting. via

DJ A-Trak


Top 10 Best Club Tracks of 2011 from (with videos)

It was a good year for music. More genre crossing tracks hit this year in a big way that combine our favorite things, catchy sing-along lyrics with music you can really dance to. We are going to run down the top 10 Club tracks of 2011 that have been hitting hard in New York City and across the globe. Are you ready? Click through for the list plus their pictures and videos:


DJ Lazor’s video remixes

For all you VJ's out there, DJ Lazor has been working on some video remixes of popular remixed songs. Many times there will be an awesome remix posted somewhere that really gets the club jumping, but there is no video for it. Now there is. Check out this video and check back for others in the following weeks. Also, click through for 2 extra, 3 total, in this first week of Video Remixs by DJ Lazor.

David Guetta & Chris Wills Ft. Fatman Scoop -Love Is Gone -DJ Lazor Remix


UPDATE (with photos): THIS FRIDAY @ SOLAS – 80s Madness – with DJ Color TV and DJ Lazor

Its time to get your 80's-on with NYCelectro's own DJ Color TV and DJ Lazor at Solas in the East Village, NYC (9th st, between 2nd and 3rd ave). It will be this Friday, Sept 3rd, from 10pm to 4am. And it will be 80's all night long. By the end of the night, you will be asking the girls (or guys) to get out of your dreams and to get into your car! Beacsue nobody does it better than DJ Color TV and DJ Lazor. I know the Freaks will come out this night to bust a move. So come get celebrate and lets dance. The first person to dance on the ceiling will get to rock steady with me, DJ Color TV at the casbah. Come on, take a chance on me and you will be young forever, time after time. Click through for more details and RSVP link.

80s Mania, @ Solas with DJ Lazor and Color TV