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iPad, why can’t you edit my ID3 tags?

Its the subject everyone is talking about, the iPad. For many people, its a revolution. For me, its just a big iPhone/iPod Touch (more of the iPod Touch cause it does not make calls). For music and for digital (serato/tractor) DJ's, there is one thing I wish it could do. I, quite frankly, am surprised it is unable to do this task. What is it? ID3 tag editing. Thats right, you are unable to edit or alter and of your ID3 tags! More info after the jump:

iTunes on the iPad

iTunes on the iPad


Are MP3s melting our Vinyl? a DJ’s perspective

With Serato, Tractor, and other DJ software (combined with high quality MP3s) are we looking at the last leg for records as we know them? Will we all be staring into our computer screens instead of the crowd? Read more, and more pictures after the jump:

Digital DJ