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DJ A-Trak: Don’t Push My Buttons (from huff post)

Sometimes there is that content that is so great that it must be re-posted. A-Trak is weighing in on DJs on the big stage that actually DJ their track or Producers that just push play. Personally, I (DJ Color TV) am a real turntable DJ and when I make a remix, I save it out so I can play it live with 2 turntables and my sample player. That is the entire idea behind The HD Project. A-Trak actually DJs his stuff too, obviously, so keep reading to see what he says. Its very interesting. via

DJ A-Trak


DJ A-Trak’s new Fool’s Gold Store, in Williamsburg Brooklyn

Walking down the street last night, I stumbled upon the big crowd gathered around the new Fool's Gold Store. It was their grand opening party and A-Trak was in attendance. Fool'd Gold is his record label and they have operated in Williamsburg for a while. I got a chance to talk to A-Trak a bit about the store and got some good pics. Click through for more info and pics.

DJ Color TV and DJ A-Trac

DJ Color TV and DJ A-Trak