NYC Electro

2010 DMC East Coast Winners

The DMC in NY was off the hook. There were many good competitors, including NYC Electro's DJ Shu-T (who did not win, too bad).  The performances from DJ Excess and DJ Shiftee were off the chain. Excess, who teaches at The Scratch DJ Academy, is one of the best scratch DJs out there and is a great teacher. He has taught me a few things too.  And Shiftee, who also teaches at DubSpot here in the city, won the DMC World Championship last year.  Click through for this years winners and videos from the winners:

Shu-T at 2010 DMC


TODAY! 2010 East Coast DMC Championship @ Santos

It snuck up on me, but the 2010 DMC is today at 4pm! Its at Santos Party House here in NY. Last year NY's own DJ Shiftee won the world wide title. He is sick! This year, he will be judging and doing an expo. Also, this year, NYC Electro's own DJ Shu-T will be competing. There will also be other acts and famous judges there. Click through for the full description and videos:

2010 DMC