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Weekend Checkin – Where’s the Party At? DJs are in full effect this weekend. Lazor, Shu-T, and me DJ Color TV will be rocking NYC to the bone. From Nevada Smiths to M1-5 to Solas, there are too many good shows to choose from. Click through to get the schedule and info.

DJ Color TV


Happy New Years from

Happy New Years to all readers. Its been a great year, lots of great stories, tons of amazing parties and so many good times. Allow me, DJ Color TV and the rest of the team, to wish you all the best wishes in the year to come.

If you are in the NYC area, then you should come out to one of the many parties that we will be rocking. Shu-T,  Lazor and I will all be at be holding it down at different places tonigh. Click through to find out where to go and the New Years deals for each place.


TONIGHT! Turntable Sessions in Williamsburg Brooklyn

Tonight in Williamsburg, Brooklyn its Turntable Sessions, hosted by DJ Peace. There are two other amazing DJs supplying the tunes, DJ Jami and DJ IXL. DJ Jami is a 2 time DMC World Champ. DJ IXL is is from the store Turntable Lab and also an amazing turntablist. The event is completely free and its at Savalas on Bedford.

From the promoter:
"Turntable Sessions" A Night of HIPHOP with Reggae&Funk&Soul&Disco&Underground. More event info, directions and videos after the jump:

Turntable Sessions


Tonight!!! Mr Sinister at club Deity

Tonight! Mr Sinister at Deity. It's on Altanitc ave in Brooklyn. It's from 10pm till 4am. Currently, I'm posting this from my mobile, so search the site for the directions.

The party tonight is going to be great. If u have been there for the Other Back in da Days parties, then u know the deal. Come out, meet hip-hop legends, dance, and drink. You can't go wrong.

Back in da Days v10



Come on out! The sunburnt cow will be fun tonight!  You got Color TV (me), Shu-T, and DJ Peace on the wheelz, and that means while we are on the wheelz you will be on the dance floor getting your groove on! Not to mention the bar deal that they have ($20 all you can drink for 2 hrs, what??? in NY??? yes!!!). Its going to be a party now, all night long!

Sunburnt Cow is on Avenue C between 8 and 9th st. on the West side of the street. Click for all the details:

DJ Peace at the Sunburnt Cow


Friday, May 14th: “Back in da Days Vol.8″ @ Deity

Once again, "Back in da Days" at Deity is about to pop off! This party always promises to be the jam! This time we got Jeru The Damaja coming through and Jazzy J laying beats. Last time that Jeru was there, he did an impromptu performance too. More info and an awesome video after the jump:

Back in da Days Vol.8


TONIGHT! DJ Color TV and DJ Shu T @ Sunburnt Cow, NYC

Come on out tonight to the Sunburnt Cow for a night of Drinknig, Dancing, and Good TImes for all! (except for you Jim, you know why...) Playing tonight is DJ Color TV, DJ Shu T, DJ Peace, and others to heat up this cold rainy night. Dont let the weather slow you down, because the Cow has $20 drink special tonight (everynight I think). Its $20 for all you can drink for 2hrs. They give you a wrist band and mark the time when you decide to start it. Its the best deal! So, come on out, and let DJ Color TV make your drunk-ass dance.

The Sunburnt Cow


Last night at “Back in the Days” at Deity

Last night was off the hook. Shark , DP-1, and others were killing it on the turntables, spinning the best of the old-school. The crowd was full of people that were down to dance. While DP-1 was spinning, Jeru the Damaja came up and performed a couple songs including his famous "Come Clean". It was pretty awesome. Check out some of the photos below.

Jeru performing "Come Clean"

Jeru in the booth

Turntables at Deity

Shark DJing



Color TV and DJ Shu-T tonight at Sunburnt Cow

Come one, come all. Tonight its on like donkey kong. Color TV and Shu-T will be spinning your old school hits all night. Also, DJ Peace, Shark, Suwa and Sancon will be there holding it down. Here is a link to the map: 137 Avenue C. So, tell your momma and your friends.


Back in Da Days, Jan 22 2010

Friday night, DJ Shark, Sancon, Suwa and Peace are all teaming up to take you back in the day Hip-hop style. DP-1 will also be rolling through. All of these guys are serious. All are from Japan too (excluding DP-1). Shark is the DMC champ in Japan and has a Rane mixer named after him. DP-1 is from Brooklyn and is the favorite b-boy DJ. This is going to be a great shop/party.

368 Atlanic Ave (near atlantic station) b/w Hoyt and Bond
Jan 22, 2010
Free from 10-11pm, $10 after 11pm.

Back in Da Days, ft DJ Shark

Jan 22, 2010