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DJ Revolution Interviews DJ Qbert (full interview video)

Its always cool when an expert interviews another expert in the same field. The video below is exactly that. Revolution and Qbert are both amazing DJs and this interview is very interesting. I like Qbert's outlook on life, its pretty inspirational. Check out the video below, and click through to watch DJ Jazzy Jeff's appearance. Jeff does his legendary transform scratch. Check it out after the jump...

DJ Qbert, Full Interview


Qbert’s Breakfast Of Champions – Tractor Promo video (UPDATE! with explanation video)

DJ Q-bert, Shiftee, and Rafik, all DMC champs, teamed up at Qbert's place in San Francisco to put on a promo set for Native Instrument's Tractor Pro 2, which will be available worldwide on April 1st. They were using all the inputs on the new 10-input/output audio interface. They were using just one Tractor 2 program also (but all 4 tables are plugged to the 1 interface. Not too shabby. The video is great, and you will need a good breakfast to scratch like these guys. Check it out:

Qbert's Breakfast Of Champions

DJ Shiftee's explanation on what is actually going on in this video. Its not magic, but I wish it was.