NYC Electro

International DJ EASE, the 2013 Roc Raida Gong Battle Champion (with video)

After a grueling/stressful Gong battle, International DJ Ease came through with the win. There were unwanted rematches, broken turntables, screaming matches, hurt feeling... You know, all the stuff that you should expect from a grudge match like The Gong Battle. The audience is encouraged to boo and if the judges don't like it, they will literally Gong you out. And that damn gong is super loud. We will get into the details after the jump, but first, let me say DJ Ease ruled the competition. Below is one part of the 7 routines he had to master in-order to win. This is the R.I.P. Routine. More info about the competition after the jump...


DMC USA 2010 Final – the results (UPDATED)

The show was amazing. This year, the DMC brought back one of the original organizers to put on this show and it really made a difference. Each competitor was ready for battle, but some were obviously better than others. However, that does not mean the crowd favorite won. The winners, and more pictures, after the jump...



2010 DMC East Coast Winners

The DMC in NY was off the hook. There were many good competitors, including NYC Electro's DJ Shu-T (who did not win, too bad).  The performances from DJ Excess and DJ Shiftee were off the chain. Excess, who teaches at The Scratch DJ Academy, is one of the best scratch DJs out there and is a great teacher. He has taught me a few things too.  And Shiftee, who also teaches at DubSpot here in the city, won the DMC World Championship last year.  Click through for this years winners and videos from the winners:

Shu-T at 2010 DMC