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Weekend Checkin – Where’s the Party At? DJs are in full effect this weekend. Lazor, Shu-T, and me DJ Color TV will be rocking NYC to the bone. From Nevada Smiths to M1-5 to Solas, there are too many good shows to choose from. Click through to get the schedule and info.

DJ Color TV


Happy New Years from

Happy New Years to all readers. Its been a great year, lots of great stories, tons of amazing parties and so many good times. Allow me, DJ Color TV and the rest of the team, to wish you all the best wishes in the year to come.

If you are in the NYC area, then you should come out to one of the many parties that we will be rocking. Shu-T,  Lazor and I will all be at be holding it down at different places tonigh. Click through to find out where to go and the New Years deals for each place.


Pre-Holiday weekend, Where will DJ’s be?

Happy Holidays, Chrismachanikuansica if you will. This weekend is going to be a very big weekend, at least here in the NYC area. People are already out in full force. Its the last weekend to get your party on before X-mas, so the question is, where is the party at? And where can I find the DJs? The questions are one in the same and its easy, lets break it down:

Tonight 12-16-2010:
DJ Lazor is spinning videos at M1-5
DJ Color TV is chillin at Pianos with Fleetweek DJs

Friday Night, 12-17-2010:
DJ Color TV will be spinning at Solas with Philly B
DJ Lazor will be spinning videos at Nevada Smith's
DJ Shu T is at The Sunburnt Cow in the East Village (drink specials!)

Saturday Night, 12-18-2010
DJ Color TV will be spinning at Solas with DJ Shu-T and Philly B
DJ Lazor will be spinning videos at M1-5

Its a busy weekend for sure. Come out and get your dance-on. These are guaranteed good parties. All events are 21+ and start after 10pm. To get the locations, click through.

Wheres the Party At?


The Double Life of a DJ with a Corporate Job

Like many DJs, I have a day job that takes up too much time. The day job is fine and the DJ gigs that I get provide extra money for things like equipment and other fun things. This article is a brief snapshot in a day in the life of a DJ with a Corporate Job. Its a busy life! Click through to get the complete story, and pictures...

a DJ's split personality: 1/2 Corporate, 1/2 DJ, 1/2 Shark


Right now! 200 Orchard St, nyc

Right now. Boo from Fleetweek is playing at 200 Orchard in the Lower East Side. The party is heating up and the music is all Rock! Its a one off, so come out before it's over!

From EC (cute chick at the at the bar, from Boston) "it ain't electro, but I love it!!!"

Boo from Fleetweek

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Fleetweek DJs, Tonight and every Thursday at Pianos

Every thursday night at Pianos, in the Lower East Side (NY, NY), is a DJ group called Fleetweek. These guys play from 10pm to 4am and will keep the party moving and the dancer floor packed all night long. They have a unique style and you can feel their energy on the dance floor for sure. You can expect to hear some Daft Punk, old Fresh Prince, Peaches, Prince, MJ and much more. Its a fun party. Oh, did i mention the party is free?

Fleetweek DJs at Pianos

Fleetweek DJs at Pianos