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Serato Tip of the Week: How to Move Your Crates to a New Drive

Ever want to painlessly move your files to another drive but were not sure how? Well, you are in luck cause Serato just posted tips on how to do this smoothly without hickups. Also, 2.3.3 just released so go get that . The tips cover Internal to External, Internal to Internal, External to Internal, External to External. Your head spinning yet? You should buck mark this page because you will eventually need this (if you dont need it now). Click through for the link and the list of improvements on Serato 2.3.3. Also, this video from serato is definitely an interesting use of the equipment.

Dubstep meets Hip Hop with Serato


How to set up Kontrol X1 for Serato

If you have been DJing in the last few years, then you know that controllers are becoming widely used. Personally, I use turntables with Dicers. But I just picked up a Traktor Kontrol X1 to expand my capabilities, mainly to control effects and loops. After testing some other controllers that are similar, I settled on this one, and its way better than some of the other controllers out there. However, it was NOT easy to set up. Watch the video below for a run-through and instructions, and click through for download links and more thoughts on this controller.

How to map Traktor Kontrol X1 with Serato, easy setup


DJ Tip of the Week: How to Clean your Needles or Stylus (video)

DJing has taken different forms over the last few years, but if you are still rocking the wheelz of steel, then you will need to be keeping your needles clean. Recently I had some needle tracking problems, i took a look and my needles were filthy! How does this happen? Well, dust, outdoor particles, dirt, you name it, they all fly around and eventually land on you records. Your needle then scrapes the grime from the grooves of the record and makes a nice collection of dirt. The quick way to clean this is to use your finger, but this does not always do the bset job. Click through for a detailed explanation and video on how to clean you needles/stylus.

Cleaning Your Stylus


How to Make Your Music Library Truly Portable – Part 3: Moving your Serato Files to the new portable drive

Time to Move your Serato library to your new portable drive.

So, lets do a quick re-cap. You have bought your new drive, backed up your music to a different drive, and moved your music via iTunes to the new portable drive you plan on gigging with. You did that right?

Ok, now its time to move your Scratch Live Library to your new drive without losing any cue points, loops or crates, etc.

Ready? Lets go... click to read more:

Move your Library


How to Make Your Music Library Truly Portable – Part 2: Moving your iTunes Library to your new portable HD

You have bough your spanking new portable hard drive. If you did not read part 1 on what to buy, click here and catch up. Now its time to move your music library. If you organize your own files and folders, its easy, just move your music library folder to the root of the new drive, point iTunes to the new drive, and you are done. But, i highly suggest that you let iTunes manage your music this is definitely the best way to have your music organized (I switched to this way about 2.5 years ago and will NEVER go back to organizing my files myself). If you are using iTunes to organize your music library (suggested), this its only a bit more complicated, but in the end, much better.

But before you do any of that, there are a couple of set-up steps you should take with the new drive for maximum compatibility across multiple operating systems.

Click through to continue reading... Also look for Part 1: Buying the Portable Hard Drive, 3: Moving your Serato Files to the new portable, and 4: Plug and Play (literally).

Part 2: Moving your iTunes Library to your new portable HD:

Transfer iTunes to your HD


How to: Make Your Music Library Truly Portable – Part 1: Buying the Portable Hard Drive

I am sure you have been there: Its your turn to DJ but first must go through the clumsy act of switching computers with the other guy. That requires putting on some filler record that usually is not the perfect transition song. Well, there is an easier way! Put your music on a portable hard drive, plug it into the existing laptop and BOOM, all of your Serato crates are there and ready to play. (Assuming the other guy lets you use his computer, its best when DJing with friends.)

The concept is simple, but setting it up is not that easy, especially if you have always kept your music on your computer. Well, its time to evolve and move to a more portable solution.

In this 4 part series, we will look at Part 1: Buying the Portable Hard Drives, Part 2: Moving your iTunes Library to your new portable (if you use iTunes), Part 2.5: Why you should let iTunes organize your music library, Part 3: Moving your Serato Files to the new portable, and 4: Plug and Play (literally).

Part 1 - Buying the Portable Hard Drive: click to continue reading:

Hard Drives