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DJTT’s interview with Armin Van Buuren

First, let me say, i usually dont re-post other articles. But this one is worth it. Also, if you dont know, go over to DJ Tech Tools, its a great site for Controlerist DJing and more, but dont forget us over here at :)

Now, check out this interview with Armin Van Buurenm its really great! DJTT's article is after the jump.


DJ Revolution Interviews DJ Qbert (full interview video)

Its always cool when an expert interviews another expert in the same field. The video below is exactly that. Revolution and Qbert are both amazing DJs and this interview is very interesting. I like Qbert's outlook on life, its pretty inspirational. Check out the video below, and click through to watch DJ Jazzy Jeff's appearance. Jeff does his legendary transform scratch. Check it out after the jump...

DJ Qbert, Full Interview


DJ Color TV and DJ Philly B interviewed by “Godlike-TV”

Recently, Godlike-TV came to visit the NYCelectro studios in Brooklyn, NY. Yours truly, DJ Color TV, and DJ Philly-B were interviewed and Color TV did a little showcase of some turntable skills at the beginning. Click through for the video and my thoughts on the interview.

DJ Color TV, video showcase.