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How to use iPad with Midi Devices in detail

Using the camera connection kit and some other options, you can exploit the iPads midi functionality. The videos below is by the guys from Create Digital Music, in association with TekServe, and he goes in-depth with some ways to hook up midi devices to your iPad. The first video is of a performance using FunkBox iPad app and a x0xb0x sequencer / synth. The video, after the jump, is an in-depth explanation on how you can hook it all up and use it in different ways. Now all we need is a good copy of Serato or Tractor on the iPad. Click to view the other video:

FunkBox iPad app MIDI synced with an x0xb0x


DJ with the iPad as a Midi Controller

If you want to hook up your iPhone or iPad as a wireless midi controller, you can. The app has been available for over a year and is called Touch OSC and OSCulator. If you downloaded these before, as I did, you probably hit a wall and was unable to hook these up properly. Well, we are in luck because Dubspot has done a video tutorial on how to hook these up. Its pretty complicated, so be sure to pay attention and even bookmark this page.

Can you DJ with the iPad??? That is the question. This is using the iPad as your midi controller to DJ with Ableton, or any other computer based midi program. You could use this to control Serato Scratch live too (at least the midi mappable controls). Check the video below, and click through for all four tutorial videos:

Tutorial 1:


iPad, why can’t you edit my ID3 tags?

Its the subject everyone is talking about, the iPad. For many people, its a revolution. For me, its just a big iPhone/iPod Touch (more of the iPod Touch cause it does not make calls). For music and for digital (serato/tractor) DJ's, there is one thing I wish it could do. I, quite frankly, am surprised it is unable to do this task. What is it? ID3 tag editing. Thats right, you are unable to edit or alter and of your ID3 tags! More info after the jump:

iTunes on the iPad

iTunes on the iPad


The first iPad DJ? kinda…

UPDATE!!! After watching this video more closely, I think it might be a a fake to gain promotion for this girl or the iPad. If you clicked strait through to this article, click here to find out more.

I guess it depends on what your definition of DJing is. If you are thinking Two Turntables (or CDJ's), then you would be wrong. If you are thinking of a plethora of music making apps sort-of working together, then you would be more correct. She is doing something though! More info and video after the jump.

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Can you DJ with the iPad?

Last week, Apple finally dropped their tablet/e-reader, aka the iPad. We have heard many questions and rumors about it, and one in particular, can you DJ with the iPad? The answer is not exactly cut and dry and it depends on what you define as DJing. Lets take a look at whats going on here. Continue reading...

The iPad for DJing???