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This week it has been a slower week for NYCelectro. So we thought that it would be a good time to make a reminder of some of our past tips, tricks, and reviews. The links below are some of our most popular and thorough articles yet. Click the links below to jump to the articles.

• An indepth review on the Novation Dicer
• Serato Tip of the Week: Analyze Your Files
• How to Make Your Music Library Truly Portable (a 5 part series)
• The First iPad DJ is a FAKE!
• DJ Hero Review by a Real DJ
• How to Handle Requests and a Tough Crowd
• Can you DJ with the iPad?
• A Quick Look at the Rane-68 Mixer

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DJ Shu-T rumored in San Antonio for DMC

Shu-T did not take the DMC title in NY a few weeks ago. So... DJ Shu-T did what any self respecting battle DJ would do, registered to compete again, disappeared, and (as rumor has it) went into full practice mode. Actually, the DMC competition in NY is the last time anyone saw DJ Shu-T. Speculation was that he was locked in his room diligently practicing day and night, living only on Red Bull and Pringles. But, today he was spotted in Texas, assuming he is here for tomorrow's DMC. Was that actually him? Will he take the championship tomorrow night? I don't know, but i know where im putting my money! More to come on this developing story... ... ...