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“The Bridge”, now available for Public BETA (with video)

The wait is over. If you have the latest version of Serato and Ableton 8 (both need to be registered products) then you can start testing "The Bridge". If you missed the stories on what this program can do, click here, and here, but I will sum it up. "The Bridge" is basically Ableton Live running inside of Serato and its FREE if you already own both Ableton 8 and Serato. It also makes Serato the ultimate mixtape tool. If you have been craving multitrack recordings, it can do that, all while keeping any applied effects and fader adjustments all non destructive and editable. But you do need the Rane TTM-57 or the Rane Sixty-Eight for the extra controls (any mixer can do the multitrack recording, bonus!). More pics, info, download links, and video links after the jump:

Ableton + Serato = The Bridge


Scratch Live 2.0 Public Beta: now available

Still waiting for the new Scratch Live 2.0? Well, good news, you can now download the public beta! Its been available for a a little over a week now (but officially announced on February 15th). You all have been waiting for more decks (up to 4), the DJ Effects, the new GUI, new views and so on, and now you can give it a try! (No Support for "The Bridge" yet. 2.1 will have it.)  More info and the download link after the jump...

Serato 2.0, album art view