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Early 80s Expose about Sampling, “What is it?”, “Ahhhhh”

Hip-hop and sampling have always gone hand-in-hand. The laws are basically figured out these days, but watch the video below to feel nostalgic about the era when sampling laws were still being figured out. Its really interesting to here the artists' reactions on the subject. I wonder if Tom Petty, and the others, still feel the same? Click through for more thoughts on the subject...

Mini-documentary on 'sampling' circa 1988


Fat Beats NY Store is Shutting Their Doors this week

It is a sad state of affairs, the NYC Fat Beats store will be closing thir doos this Saturday. But that is not to say they are not going out with a bang! Everyday this week, all through Saturday, they will be having Artists/DJs coming out to talk and perform. Artists from rising NY rapper Homeboy Sandman to superstars like DJ Premier and Pete Rock will be in the store doing their thing and showing their support for Fat Beats. Its like a free show that lasts all week. Check out the flyer and click through for full details/schedule on who will be performing.

Fat Beats last week Flyer


Are MP3s melting our Vinyl? a DJ’s perspective

With Serato, Tractor, and other DJ software (combined with high quality MP3s) are we looking at the last leg for records as we know them? Will we all be staring into our computer screens instead of the crowd? Read more, and more pictures after the jump:

Digital DJ