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Catastrophe in the DJ Booth

Most of the time when DJing, everything goes swimmingly. You put up with the relentless requests from girls (I don't mind that part), you play the right songs at the right time, people sing and dance and every one has a good time. Other times... well things can go the other way. A catastrophe can happen that has the potential to ruin the party. This happened for me on Saturday, luckily, it only happened in the DJ booth. It was a chain of events that may have wrecked that club environment. Click through for the full story, also for more pictures of the night.

Oops, I broke my needle!


“The Bridge”, now available for Public BETA (with video)

The wait is over. If you have the latest version of Serato and Ableton 8 (both need to be registered products) then you can start testing "The Bridge". If you missed the stories on what this program can do, click here, and here, but I will sum it up. "The Bridge" is basically Ableton Live running inside of Serato and its FREE if you already own both Ableton 8 and Serato. It also makes Serato the ultimate mixtape tool. If you have been craving multitrack recordings, it can do that, all while keeping any applied effects and fader adjustments all non destructive and editable. But you do need the Rane TTM-57 or the Rane Sixty-Eight for the extra controls (any mixer can do the multitrack recording, bonus!). More pics, info, download links, and video links after the jump:

Ableton + Serato = The Bridge


Novation Dicer, a video review by DJ Color TV

As promised, below is the video review of Novation's Dicer midi controller for Serato Scratch Live. These things are durable and snappy. There, from what I can tell, zero latency and they work great. You need Serato 2.1 to use them and as of now, it is only in public beta. This beta version is buggy, so I do not recommend using this version of serato at a gig.

Either way, these Dicers are really easy to use and will be a good addition to any Serato DJ. Links to Serato 2.1, the DIcer unboxing pictures, and video are after the jump:

Dicer unboxing 2


Serato Tip of the Week: Analyze Your Files

This weekend, I was speaking to a DJ friend of mine who uses Serato, and I realized that there are many features and tips I can share. This particular situation, my friend was unaware that Serato could auto BPM the files. This happens when you analyze your files. There are few crucial reasons that you want to make sure all of your files are analyzed, one is the fact that it detects your BPM. In this article, I will explain the reasons why and how to go about doing this.  Click through to get all the info:

Tip: Analyze Your Files


How to Make Your Music Library Truly Portable – Part 4: Plug and Play (literally)

If you have been following along then you have already done about 95% of the work here. This is the final part of this 4-part series. And it is, by far, the easiest part to follow. You are going to create some playlists, aka Crates, in Serato that will be accessible to your computer and every other computer with Serato installed. Click through for the instructions...

Creating Crates


How to Make Your Music Library Truly Portable – Part 2.5: Why letting iTunes manage your library is best.

After writing part 2, I realized that some people did not realize the power of letting iTunes organize your library for you. I will try to explain here as to why it is much better than managing your file folder structure yourself. Click through to read more:

iTunes organization? Those are big words...


How to: Make Your Music Library Truly Portable – Part 1: Buying the Portable Hard Drive

I am sure you have been there: Its your turn to DJ but first must go through the clumsy act of switching computers with the other guy. That requires putting on some filler record that usually is not the perfect transition song. Well, there is an easier way! Put your music on a portable hard drive, plug it into the existing laptop and BOOM, all of your Serato crates are there and ready to play. (Assuming the other guy lets you use his computer, its best when DJing with friends.)

The concept is simple, but setting it up is not that easy, especially if you have always kept your music on your computer. Well, its time to evolve and move to a more portable solution.

In this 4 part series, we will look at Part 1: Buying the Portable Hard Drives, Part 2: Moving your iTunes Library to your new portable (if you use iTunes), Part 2.5: Why you should let iTunes organize your music library, Part 3: Moving your Serato Files to the new portable, and 4: Plug and Play (literally).

Part 1 - Buying the Portable Hard Drive: click to continue reading:

Hard Drives


Novation “DICER” – Serato Midi Controller

There are many midi controllers out there that can easly control Serato Scratch Live, but none that come setup out of the box for Serato, until now. Novation's DICER is the first, out of the box, midi controller made specifically for Serato. Pretty much all the Serato controls you would want to manipulate are already mapped with Dicer. Yes, it adds more cords and USB usage to your gear, but if you are already are using a midi controller its not a big deal (just remember to pack them in your bag at the end of the night).

DICER integrates right on your turntable's 45 adapter and comes with some "dj putty" to help stick to another player like your CDJs. Note, as of today, the product is not yet available, but once it is, the price point will be about $99 USD, and this should be soon. Not too bad considering you get 2 controllers (a total of 60 midi controls). Click through for more description and some videos of this thing in use:

Novation's Dicer Controller


Scratch Live 2.0 full version, now available

The wait is over, no more buggy 2.0 beta. The full Scratch Live 2.0 is now available to download at Scratch Live's Forum page. It is free if you already own the software. Rane put this out early last week and quietly announced it on their site, no e-blast. But that is ok because there is a laundry list of new features. This is the biggest update in years and the upgrade inclused different ways to view your library, smart crates, and the big one; DJ Effects. All of the new features are listed and a video explaining the features after the jump:

Scratch Live 2.0


Are MP3s melting our Vinyl? a DJ’s perspective

With Serato, Tractor, and other DJ software (combined with high quality MP3s) are we looking at the last leg for records as we know them? Will we all be staring into our computer screens instead of the crowd? Read more, and more pictures after the jump:

Digital DJ