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Rock the Bells – Show wrap-up (tons of Videos and Pics)

This past Saturday, as you already know from the post before, the 7th annual "Rock The Bells" concert happened. First things first, it was off the hook! The artists were called to do, from cover to cover, one of their classic albums. No one completelly stuck to the format, and some threw it out the window, but overall it was a very special event. These artists never really do their album hits on stage, just the most popular songs. It was quite a treat and all the hip-hop stars were there (either making a cameo on stage or just watching). had VIP passes, so click through for more pics, videos, and complete coverage of the event.

Rock The Bells VIP Pass


This SATURDAY – Rock the Bells concert on Governor’s Island

This is the 7th annual "Rock the Bells" hip-hop festive. This year the lineup is insane! Snoop, Rakin, KRS, Tribe Called Quest, Wu-Tang Clan, and more. The crazy thing is, they are all performing their most famous albums strait through. This will be the best hip-hop show ever! Its Saturday the 28th in NY, and Sunday the 29th in DC. If you live anywhere close to those places, you must go! Click through for the details and locations:


Cypress Hill signed with the S.N.Double-O.P.

Snoop Doggy Dogg, the now new Creative Chairman of Priority Records, just signed his first group: Cypress Hill. On Lopez Tonight, Snoop made his announcement and the group preformed "Insane in the Brain".

The Album "Rise Up" is scheduled for release on April 6th, 2010. So be on the lookout. You can already watch their video for "It Aint Nothin" here: Also, check out the video of Snoop's announcement, and more info after the jump...