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‘Dropping On The 4′ is the new ‘Dropping On The 1′. (with some music theory)

This is no new concept to most DJs with many/a few years under their belt, but its very useful. Most DJs mix on the 1 (of the beat) and there is nothing wrong with. But, for those of you that have the need for something different, then this article is for you. Click through for examples, an explanation on "dropping on the 4", and some pretty sweet (basic) music theory.

One the 1 and the 4


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This week it has been a slower week for NYCelectro. So we thought that it would be a good time to make a reminder of some of our past tips, tricks, and reviews. The links below are some of our most popular and thorough articles yet. Click the links below to jump to the articles.

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How to handle Requests and a Tough Crowd

Lets face it, requests happen. As DJs, we deal with them in various ways, but mainly they are annoying and distracting to the flow of the mix. There are also the customers will only be angry and offer nothing, no request, they will just hate what they are hearing, even though the other 99% of the people there are dancing and loving it. Sometimes these people go away, but sometimes they do not and continue to harass you. So the question is... How do you handle all this? My story of an irate customer and more suggestions after the jump...

angry girl at club