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Top 10 Best Club Tracks of 2011 from (with videos)

It was a good year for music. More genre crossing tracks hit this year in a big way that combine our favorite things, catchy sing-along lyrics with music you can really dance to. We are going to run down the top 10 Club tracks of 2011 that have been hitting hard in New York City and across the globe. Are you ready? Click through for the list plus their pictures and videos:


New, rumored, Daft Punk tracks = FAKE

Last week, two new "leaked" Daft Punk tracks, from the upcoming Tron Legacy movie, hit the internet. They circulated around and even Kanye West posted these tracks. It was good enough to fool him, but take a listen, i don't think these sound quite like out Helmeted friends. Continue reading (tracks after the jump)...

Daft Punk