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WMC VJ Competition with DJ Lazor, The Champs and gossip

The Winter Music Conference was a few months back and as you may already know, yours truly, DJ Color TV came home with the 3rd place championship for the DJ Mixing Competition. There was also a scratching competition and a VJ or V-DJ competition, in which's own DJ Lazor competed in. The VJ competition was not the best run competition in the world and for sure it was the not managed well. It seemed as if the people running the competition were more worried about keeping the volume low than on the skill of the competitors. But that being said, the winners were great. Lazor may not have placed (they only named 1st and 2nd) but his set was great. Check it out below, also check out the winning sets and the real scoop/shit of the battles after the jump.

DJ Lazor- WMC 2012 VJ Challenge


DJ Lazor’s video remixes

For all you VJ's out there, DJ Lazor has been working on some video remixes of popular remixed songs. Many times there will be an awesome remix posted somewhere that really gets the club jumping, but there is no video for it. Now there is. Check out this video and check back for others in the following weeks. Also, click through for 2 extra, 3 total, in this first week of Video Remixs by DJ Lazor.

David Guetta & Chris Wills Ft. Fatman Scoop -Love Is Gone -DJ Lazor Remix


Weekend DJ Check-in

So, its thursday night and you need to plan your weekend. Well, here at, we understand. This weekend, you can catch DJ Color TV, Shu-T, or Lazor almost any night. As you can see from the flyer below, your's truly - DJ Color TV and Shu-T will be spinning tonight. All three of us will be rocking the 1's and 2's on friday night (at different places) and Lazor will be holding it down on Saturday. Click through for the full schedule, and I hope to see you all there.

Rock and Hip-hop at Ontario


UPDATE: This Wednesday: Fundraiser for Japan @ Beauty Bar

As you know, the fundraiser was last week. And we were able to raise $400 that night. Thanks to urn RSCG advertising agency's generous matching, we were able to actually donate $800 to help Japan. I just want to say thanks to DJ Lazor for helping and the Comedy School Dropouts for supplying the laughs.

Please come help support relief efforts in Japan. and the Comedy School Dropouts are teaming up to bring you a night of laughs, music, and dancing. The event will begin around 6:30pm and go until about 2am. The DJing will start around 10ish, after the comedy show. Its a free show, but with a Suggested Donation of $10. All funds will be going to the RedCross to directly benefit the "Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami" relief efforts. More info after the click:

$800 donated!


WMC Battle Winners of 2011, with many videos

The WMC (Winter Music Conference) wrapped up about 2 weeks ago and the videos many of the winning battle sets are finally starting to surface. There are still a few missing though. Click through for a rundown of the winners and videos of most of their sets:

DJ Crime's winning (1st place) Audio/Video Video DJ Set: