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Paris Hilton, the faux DJ

On Paris Hilton's debut as a DJ it was filled with embarrassing moments and was widely reported on. NYCelectro didnt want to give her the press, but now its just getting dumb. Not only was her set pre-recorded, she played it badly. Now she is at it again. Looks like the same stage hand DJ is sighlently still fixing her set. Just let her fail!

Afrojack, who is dating her, should be embarrassed and sounds like he is. Listen below, and the original video of her messing up and further insight is after the jump.

This is Paris' 2nd gig, still f-ing up
Paris Hilton, the faux DJ


Projection Mapping for Serato

Ever want to get away from the computer but still use Serato? This projection concept allows for that, sorta. Check out the video, its a pretty interesting concept. Your tracks or waveforms get projected right on the records and the playlists are infront of you. I have no idea how they did this. And I dont really see a real life application for this, unless you were doing a special artsy show. But its cool nonetheless. Video is after the jump:

Projection Mapping for Serato


Everything is a Remix Project comes to a conclusion, Watch parts 1 – 4 here

Back in September of 2010, Kirby Ferguson brought us the first of 4 parts to "Everything is a Remix", a video project that explores remixing through all media and the copyright laws that have evolved around this phenomenon. Here, you can watch all 4 parts after the jump. Its very interesting to see all of the different places people have drawn inspiration from or "stolen" from, as it is today. Copyright law needs to be revised! But in the spirit of remixing and reusing other people's materials, I give you "Everything is a Remix" Parts 1 through 4. Click through to view:

Everything is a  Remix


Serato Video SL, now on sale! (video examples)

Not the biggest of news, but it is noteworthy. If you have ever  wanted to expand your mixing abilities to video, this is a great chance. Right now, Video SL, the plugin for Serato Scratch Live that allows you to play  video files, is on sale for $99! That is half off the normal price of $199. Buy it from Serato. It is a great plugin and even if you don't use videos while you are mixing, it allows you to use MP4s (or other video files) like MP3s. Otherwise they wont even show up in your music library (however that might have been an old problem, but they wont play without the plugin). If you are on the fence, get off the fence and buy yourself a gift! Click through for some videos of some great usus of Video SL.


Weekend DJ Check-in

So, its thursday night and you need to plan your weekend. Well, here at, we understand. This weekend, you can catch DJ Color TV, Shu-T, or Lazor almost any night. As you can see from the flyer below, your's truly - DJ Color TV and Shu-T will be spinning tonight. All three of us will be rocking the 1's and 2's on friday night (at different places) and Lazor will be holding it down on Saturday. Click through for the full schedule, and I hope to see you all there.

Rock and Hip-hop at Ontario


How to set up Kontrol X1 for Serato

If you have been DJing in the last few years, then you know that controllers are becoming widely used. Personally, I use turntables with Dicers. But I just picked up a Traktor Kontrol X1 to expand my capabilities, mainly to control effects and loops. After testing some other controllers that are similar, I settled on this one, and its way better than some of the other controllers out there. However, it was NOT easy to set up. Watch the video below for a run-through and instructions, and click through for download links and more thoughts on this controller.

How to map Traktor Kontrol X1 with Serato, easy setup


The 2011 DMC is Starting Up, with new rules!

Its about that time again for DJs to get out of their bedrooms and showcase their skills on the stage. The DMC is the worlds biggest and best DJ competition and it happens on a global scale. Last year, DJ LigOne of France, took the world tittle. His wining set is in the video below (but I think this was from the regional championships in France). Click through for more pics form last year's championship, the new rules (this is big), registration info and much more.

DJ LigOne's DMC championship routine:


Everything is a Remix – Part 1 of a 4 Part Series on the Remix

Goodie Bag, a web video producer, makes short episodes on a variety of interesting subjects, and this week they picked up a 4-part series on how everything is a remix. The video, after the jump, takes a look at the old school artists and how they came up with their "original" material. This traces an early remix starting from an early 1961 writing technique, then brings it to the early rock material. Parts 2 - 4 are not out yet, but I am sure they will prove to be very interesting and show even more light into the world of remixing.

As far as DJing goes, we almost always play other peoples music and remix things on the fly at the club. Many DJs will make their own dance remixes of songs to further enhance their set and set them apart from your standard DJ. DJ Spinbad is a great example of someone that does that. So when you are creating a "new" track, don't be shy, let your creative juices flow, and remix your ass off!

Click through for the video and a list of the songs used in the video.